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Open Call !!!

Dear friends!

It is a known fact that the CEC Board members will terminate their terms at the time of this year’s General Assembly in Monaco.

That’s why it is very important to think about new CEC Board members and about their election in August 2017. In case somebody from the current CEC Board wishes to continue, then he/she must also go through the election process of the GA.

In view of the fact that CEC Board agreed to change, as was suggested at our 2015 & 2016 GA, the Board will have 3 (three) members consisting of President, Artistic Co-ordinator and Secretary General / Treasurer.

The term should be four years in line with AITA/IATA asbl.

The proposed changes to the CEC Standing Orders were submitted to the Council and agreed as long as Members of CEC also agreed.

Each CEC member, (NCs, Affiliates or Associates with consent of the body that represents their specific country or its part in CEC), could propose person(s) to the Board positions.

Each proposal must be accompanied by the short CV giving candidate’s theatrical background, a rough idea about future work in a specific position and written consent of the concerned person with his/her candidacy.


The CEC Secretariat is expecting your proposals as soon as possible with deadline on 30th May 2017.

Your possible questions should be sent directly to the CEC Secretariat: tomas@nipos-mk.cz

We look forward to receiving new proposals for candidates and to have many people that wish to serve CEC and the amateur theatre.


CEC Board:

Lenka Lázňovská, CEC President

Alla Zorina, CEC Vice-President

Mary Pears, CEC Representative in the Council

Jozef Krasula, CEC Treasurer

János Regös, CEC Artistic Co-ordinator

Karel Tomas, CEC Secretary General

CEC Festival in Tyumen, Russia,
1st – 6th March 2017

CEC aita/iata with the collaboration with Russian NC of aita/iata is preparing the next CEC aita/iata International Youth Festival under the name “Theatre Revolution”. Because the time is very short, read please the following information very carefully. If you had any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Secretariat or directly the Russian NC.


Application Theatre Group

Application Observer


CEC General Assembly 2016 in the frame
of the “FESZT-FEST” Festival of
Hungarian Festival Winners 9
th – 11th
September 2016, Budapest, Hungary

As you already know from the correspondence, the CEC GA will be held very soon, i.e. 9th to 11th September 2016 in Budapest. The delegates had applied, everything runs in last moment preparations.

We will give you more information here about the Agenda etc. soon.

As the majority of you decided by writing (as the anwer of the question made by the Secretariat), the Board elected in Ypres for one year will be authorized to fulfil its positions one year more, i.e. till the GA in Monaco 2017. It means that the election to the Board will not be performed in Budapest.

We ask all National Centres (inclusive those that will not be present in Budapest) to send to the Secretariat the National Report on your activities since the last GA in Ypres, 2015.

!!!We remind you of the possibility to be present by proxy in Budapest (in the case you will not be present physically) – it is necessary to appoint the specific NC it in written form.

One important point of the Agenda will be the preparation of the CEC Festival, which will be held in Tyumen, Russia 1st – 5th March 2017. The conditions, the selection criteria and procedure and the application form will be announced here after the GA.

CEC Election at the General Assembly

The General Assembly decided 8th July 2015 at its session that the new Board is elected just for one year (till the next GA). It will work in following team configuration:
CEC President: Lenka Lázňovská
CEC Vice-president: Alla Zorina
CEC Treasurer: Jozef Krasula
CEC Artistic Co-ordinator: János Regös
CEC Secretary General (two secretaries): Katrin Janser & Karel Tomas
Mary Pears stays in the position of the aita/iata Representative for next two years.

CEC ordinary General Assembly 2015, in the frame of the Spots op West festival, 8th July 2015, Ypres/Westouter,
Flanders, Belgium

ATTENTION! There was made a change in the term of the GA – following the last aita/iata Councill meeting in Vienna, the rough timtable is as follows:
The Festival Spots op West: 6th – 13th July 2015
7th July: aita/iata Forum
8th July: Regional meetings – for us: CEC General Assembly (instead of 7th July as you were informed before)
9th July: aita/iata General Assembly (‘Congress’)

There is a programme of performances on the web of the festival now – look at it at http://www.spotsopwest.org/en!

The agenda is here, the BAG additional agenda item here.

The reports that reached the Secretariat till the GA:

CEC Artistic Development Committee

CZ_Report 2015, Hungary – report, Ireland – Simple Newsletter, ITE – GB NC Report to CEC GA 2015, ÖBV_JB 2014_final_web, Report Maskam Rad Theatre Ukraine, Report of the Russian center of AITA, Südtirol – Bericht 2015


CEC Extraordinary General Assembly 2015,
25th-27th March 2015, Friedrichshafen,

CEC General Assembly took place in Friedrichshafen as an extraordinary GA meeting. It was necessary to prepare CEC’s opinion for the aita/iata Congress in Ypres/Westrouter in July 2015. The minutes are presented to the delegates on the regulary GA in Ypres now. They will be here after the approval.


CEC Board Meetings:

Prague, Czech Republic, 22nd May 2015
Friedrichhafen, Germany, March 2015 – before the extraordinary GA – minutes are in preparation
Prague, Czech Republic, November 2014 – minutes will be here soon!
Maynooth, Ireland, June 2014


Last CEC Activities – by Mr. President
Josef Hollos – spring 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Let me update you about the last activities we made in the name of CEC.

1) 4th EFAT meeting in Belgium in December 2013

As it was decided in Monaco last summer to continue the efforts to find structures (if needed) or ways for a closer cooperation between our three European regions. We attended the fourth meeting which was held in Brussels, hosted by CIFTA. All three regions were represented and we had again  a good and constructive meeting.

As previously discussed – the main task of our endeavours was to create a European Forum for Amateur-Theatre (EFAT ) as a cooperation platform in order to make Amateur Theatre more visible within the European Commission.

To further research possibilities within the statutes and standing orders of AITA/IATA as to how to make this formal. See Art.24 : Continental Service Centres.

The possibility to apply for European grants/subsidies for common projects.

To have a separate EFAT  bank account in the care of the AITA/IATA Treasurer.

EFAT would be managed by a Steering Committee which would comprise the Presidents ( or their representatives) of CEC, CIFTA & NEATA and the AITA/IATA President.

It was pointed out that CEC members should be informed and in agreement before any concrete decisions would be taken.

A report and paper written by Jacques Lemaire will be circulated shortly.

With small adaptations it should be possible to settle EFAT without any problems within AITA/IATA . The Steering Committee hopes to make the next steps during the summer either in Lingen or in Porvoo during the festivals.

When we have concrete results we will contact all our members, in time to enable them to be informed, before we are voting about it in our next GA.

2) At our last CEC-Board meeting, end of January in Austria, we discussed, besides the venue of our next GA (which country?) the problem with our tradition to have a biannual CEC festival. In the past our GAs were mainly connected with (our) festivals because it was easier for the hosting country to include, financially, the participation of our members into the festival budget. These days this is becoming more and more difficult.  The fact is….. that at this moment we have no invitation to host a CEC festival. However, at time of going to press, I am delighted to report that the Slovak Centre of AITA/IATA has offered to host our General Assembly during the festival in Martin. Details to be announced at a later date.

3) You have to be informed also about the foundation of the European Theatre-House in Lingen, run by the TPZ (Theater-Pädagogisches Zentrum) and the City of Lingen as a rely-station for the World Children Theatre Festival and other theatre-project in Lingen. CEC is sitting in Board of the ETH on the mandate of AITA/IATA . It seems that it presents itself for the continuation of former very important events like the “Festival of Senses” or the traditional international theatre symposiums.


General Assemblies

CEC members meet every year at a General Assembly.
You can download the Minutes here:
GA 2014 (Martin, Slovak Republic): Minutes 2014 (EN)
Attachments: aita Structural Reform Comprehensive Document; Renewal Document aita Sent 140630; Exhibits Renewal Doc Full; aita As Is Versus aita To Be;
CEC ADC report 2013-14; TIP 2014 report;
A_ÖBV_Annual_Report; B_OPENDOEK_Report; CZ_Report; G_BDAT_Bericht_2013-14; GB_National_Centre_Report_(ITE); Ireland_Newsletter; PL_Country Report; RUS_ Centre_Report; SK_Report; SLO_Activities 2013-14
The other NCs didn’t send their reports.
GA 2013(Monaco): Minutes 2013 (EN)
Attachments: CEC_President_and_Board_Report, Treasurers_report_2013, CEC ADC reportB_OPENDOEK_Report, CZ_ReportD_BAG_Report (EN), D_BAG_Bericht(DE), D_BDAT_Report(EN), D_BDAT_Bericht(DE), GB_Report, RU_Report
The other NCs didn’t send their reports.
We are looking urgently for somebody who is able to translate the Minutes into German – write to the Secretariat please.
GA 2012 (Westouter, Belgium): Minutes 2012 (EN)Minutes 2012 (DE)
GA 2011 (Tromsø, Norway): Minutes 2011 (EN)Election Report 2011 (EN), Wahlprotokoll 2011 (DE)
GA 2010 (Hronov, Czech Republic): Minutes 2010 (EN), Minutes 2010 (DE)


European Forum of Amateur Theatre (EFAT)

The fifth EFAT meeting took place in Warsaw in October 2014. The representatives from different aita/iata European regions discussed further the possibilities of closer cooperation among European aita/iata members.

Download Minutes EFAT V (Warsaw, October 2014)
Download Minutes EFAT IV (Brussels, December 2013)
Download Minutes EFAT III (Berlin, April 2013) and Possible Model EFAT!
Download Minutes EFAT II (Prague, November 2012)!
Download Minutes EFAT I (Berlin, April 2012)!


Workshop Leaders List

The Artistic Development Committee is producing with the help of aita/iata  Members a Workshop Leaders list. It is a list of expert international teachers who are able to work with theatre people round thwe whole world. The quality of them is approved of every National Center of each country. Don´t hesitate to browse and choose your favourite workshop leader just now!
Enter the Workshop Leaders List. 


CEC Festivals

Every 2 years (when the world festival is not organized) a CEC festival should take place somewhere. 2012 and 2014 there was no CEC festival. We all hope that 2016 will be a turning year and that the CEC festival will be organized!

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