CEC – a theater without borders

The CEC – a theater without borders

by Norbert Radermacher (Honorary President of BDAT)

There are still political borders in Europe and new borders will be approaching us! The Central European Committee (CEC) is committed to a theater without borders – geographically and artistically. We need to use the power of theater and art to break those boundaries. The future of the CEC is the dialogue between the diverse cultures in Europe. We must encourage young people to engage in dialogue in the form of social and artistic confrontation so that no room is given once again in Europe to nationalist egotism, separation and exclusion efforts

This goal can be implemented in very different ways:

1. Developing the platform for CEC affiliates and all people interested in theater.

2. Organization of bilateral and multilateral theater projects and workshops.

3. Improved information about theater festivals, workshops and projects in a dedicated file (website) etc.

4. Facilitate access to events, festivals etc. for young people. 

Norbert Radermacher

Former Director of the Theaterpädagogische Zentrum in Lingen/Germany
Founder of the World Festival of Children’s Theatre
Honorary President of BDAT
Currently President of “Arts by Children” – voices for a better world”

December 2017

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