National and International Amateur Theatre Festival
from 20th September to 23rd September 2017
in Sopron, Hungary

Call for applications

For the 2017 edition of the festival PROGRESS realized in the facilities of Liszt Ferenc Cultural Centre Sopron we are expecting applications from Hungarian (minority Hungarian) and international adult amateur theatre groups. The festival will provide wide opportunities to get to know each others’ works, to evaluate and match the works by well known professionals (critics, theatre practitioners), and, as for it is a competition like festival, getting special awards for the best achievements.
12 groups are planned to be invited to the festival (6 Hungarian, 6 international ones)
The selection process, by the proposal of the board of HFATP, will be led by Sándor Komáromi, the artistic director of PROGRESS SOPRON.
The host of the festival is András Pataki, director of Sopron Petőfi Theatre and of the PRO CULTURA SOPRON Non Profit Ltd., festival director János Regős , the Chair of HFATP, executive director of the festival is Dr. Tibor Várszegi.
Main patrons are Dr. Péter Hoppál Cultural State Secretary and Dr.Tamás Fodor the Mayer of Sopron
Standing orders of the festival:
The festival programme can accommodate 6 international groups of maximum 12 persons (from which 9 on the stage) with a performance no longer than 90 minutes that has been premiered between 01. June 2015. and 20. April 2017. If the show is presented in a small space (with less than 100 spectators) it has to be performed twice during the festival.
Other preconditions:
- filling the application form and transmitting it to the given addresses either through electronic or postal way
- enclosing the full video of the performance (it can be made through a working online link as well, or through drive share)
- preparing projectable English subtitles or synopsis for the show
- in the case of invitation the group commits to take part for the full time of the festival
Application deadline: 25.04.2017 (postal mailing), 30.04.2017 midnight (electronic way)
Decision on invitation: until the end of may 2017.
Each participating performance of the festival will be discussed and evaluated by the jury in an open professional debate with all festival participants. The jury is a composition of the most prestigious Hungarian theatre professionals who are open to the amateur theatre world.
Interested groups can enclose recommendations from their respective national centres of the International Amateur Theatre Association (aita/iata asbl) or CEC (Central European Committee).
The visa costs travel and transportation of the company must be covered by the participants themselves except of the fares within Hungary or between Vienna (the closest city to Sopron) and Sopron. Appropriate rehearsing time on stage with professional technical assistance and access to all the events during the whole festival (performances, workshops, concerts, club events etc.) will be provided to all festival participants. For entering the competing shows everybody should pay a symbolic ticket price of 100 HUF (30 Eurocents). The festival organizers will provide accommodation (in student hostels), two times a day meals by vouchers and proper rehearsal and set-in time for the participants.

Theatre professionals, international festival organizers, delegates of aita/iata asbl. are all welcomed and expected to join the PROGRESS SOPRON 2017.

Sopron 10. 03. 2017.

The Organizing Committee

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