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  • National Centre:
    ► Bund Deutscher Amateurtheater e.V. (BDAT)

    Bundesgeschäftsstelle, Lützowplatz 9 • D-10785 Berlin • Germany/Deutschland •
    Phone/Tel.: +49 30 2639859 13 • Fax: +49 30 2639859 19 •
    President/Präsident: Mr. Norbert Radermacher
    Contact/Kontakt: Stephan Schnell • Email/E-Mail: schnell@bdat.info,
    Website: www.bdat.info,
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/bund.deutscher.amateurtheater.bdat
    ► Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft (BAG) Spiel und Theater e.V.
    Simrockstr. 8 • D-30171 Hannover • Germany/Deutschland •
    Phone/Tel.: +49 511 458 1799 • Fax: +49 511 458 3105 •
    Email/E-Mail: info@bag-online.de
    Website: www.bag-online.de
    Chair/Vorsitzende: Mr. Michael Zimmermann •
    Secretary General: Ms. Ute Handwerg

    Associate Member:
    ► TPZ Lingen/Ems (Theaterpädagogisches Zentrum der Emsländischen Landschaft e.V.)

    Universitätsplatz 5-6 • D-49808 Lingen (Ems) • Germany/Deutschland •
    Phone/Tel.: +49 591 9166 310 • Fax: +49 591 9166 363 •
    Contact/Kontakt: Ms. Anne-Marie Jansen_Wieschebrock, annemarie.jansen@tpzlingen.de
    Website: www.tpzlingen.de
    Harald Volker Sommer
    Europäisches Theaterhaus / European Theatre House e.V. •
    Universitätsplatz 5-6, 49808 Lingen (Ems) • Germany
    Phone/Tel: + 49 (0) 591 91 663 26 •
    Fax: + 49 (0) 591 91 663 63 •
    Website: www.european-theatrehouse.org
    Facebook: HERE

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    • Kevin Dowsett, Great Britain, elected as CEC General Secretary and Treasurer

      ITE (International Theatre Exchange), the Great Britain National Centre (NC) of AITA/IATA, is delighted to announce that the President of ITE, Kevin Dowsett, was elected to the new, smaller CEC board and appointed as the CEC General Secretary and Treasurer at the CEC General Assembly in Monaco in August 2017. Kevin joins Alla Zorina, from [...]


      CLOSING THOUGHTS OF THE ARTISTIC LEADER Sopron and The Festival: A good festival must meet many different requirements. It is always there a hosting city, an institution servicing it, a community for which it is organized and are always there the individual viewpoints.  Our taste and expectations should be multifarious; our cultural and artistic claims [...]

    • Progress 2017 Sopron

      SHORT BRIEFING AND SOME PICTURES ON THE PROGRESS 2017 SOPRON AMATEUR THEATRE FESTIVAL The second edition of PROGRESS International Amateur Theatre Festival PROGRESS 2017 SOPRON has come to its end on 24th September. The Hungarian City of Faith, Sopron and the Petőfi Theatre proved to be An excellent host of the festival. The Grand Prize [...]

    • 2nd Progress International Amateur Theatre Festival Sopron

      Federation of Hungarian Amateur Theatres and Players     The Hungarian Federation of Amateur Thetres and Players (FHATP) gladly announces that 20-24th September in cooperation with Pro Cultura Sopron and Petőfi Theatre organizes the 2nd PROGRESS International Amateur Theatre Festival where 5 Hungarian and 4 international groups will present their performances in Sopron (West of [...]

    • Sapperlot

      Apply now for the International Meeting of Youth Theatre sapperlot! Applications are possible within 30th September 2017!  Apply now! sapperlot is an event of youth culture in South Tyrol and at the same time a stock taking of the actual trends in the youth theatre in the world.  We invite groups from all over the [...]

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