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The Central European Committee is one of the Regions of the worldwide organization aita/iata for amateur theatre.
The main aim of the CEC is to promote understanding among nations and to foster the artistic and social development of amateur theatre. The CEC Region covers Central Europe and far beyond. It stretches from Ireland in the West to Russia in the East and on to Cyprus, Malta and Israel in the South.

It is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural organisation which aims to serve as a bridge between European political and artistic structures. Its activity is based upon the activities and contributions of National Centres. It endeavours to be pro-active to the changes of national and cultural boundaries within Europe

What is happening in CEC?

The CEC Members organize in their countries a wide range of activities:
-  Theatre festivals
-  Workshops and seminars
-  Conferences and other meetings on the topic of amateur theatre

The aim of CEC is to link these activities; connect member states; provide oppotunities for exchange for theatre people, teachers and other experts; and to link professionals and amateurs. Thanks to aita/iata and the CEC’s long tradition we are able to provide worthwhile contacts and a worldwide foundation of activities.

Do you want to become a member of CEC? Contact the CEC Secretary:

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